Let our team at Kane Heating And Air Conditioning keep your home cool and comfortable this summer with a professional AC installation in Florence, TX. A properly working AC system has the ability to keep your whole home filled with cold air. If your current system doesn’t maintain a satisfying level of comfort, it may be time for an AC replacement. Upgrading from an older system to a high-performance model can make a big difference in your indoor experience. Our trained installers know how to retrofit new equipment into older homes.

If you’ve noticed your home’s air conditioner slowing down a bit, you may want to start planning for a replacement. Most AC systems begin to break down at around the 15-year mark. This may show up as ongoing repair issues, a system leak, or a complete equipment failure. Finding the best replacement for your needs is the key to getting the right cooling system. We provide you with all the details required to select and install a new unit that fits your space.