Kane Heating And Air Conditioning can help local property owners with an AC repair in Florence, TX. If you discover your cooling system has broken down, we’re the team to turn to for assistance. Going without an air conditioner isn’t possible during our hot, sticky summers. It’s not a good idea to attempt a repair on your own. Today’s systems require professional help from a knowledgeable technician in order to safely cool your indoor air again. We offer complete air conditioner repair services for all makes and models.

Have you noticed a slow decline in the cooling power of your AC equipment? This is probably from an ongoing issue that slowly eats away at your unit’s efficiency. An experienced repair team can spot hidden problems and get them fixed quickly. This includes uneven cooling, noisy operation, and equipment that leaks. Our experts are available to assist you with all kinds of needed air conditioning repairs. It’s our job to make sure you enjoy reliable cold air during the hottest days of the year.