To uncover why the air inside your home appears to be irritating your body, get indoor air quality testing in Copperas Cove, TX done by either a professional or a monitor. Testing completed by a professional will be more comprehensive and provide more information into the types of contaminants that are present in the air. It may provide more valuable insight into the type of air purification system that would be the best fit for your home.

For example, HVAC UV lighting is best for those who are concerned about harmful pathogens. They get rid of microbial growth by shining UV light onto the evaporator coil. These systems also prolong your HVAC life and reduce the amount of odors that are distributed throughout the home. Here, at Kane Heating And Air Conditioning, we can help you see whether UV lighting is a good fit for you or not. We also have a lot of experience in installing REME HALO lights, media filters and electronic air cleaners.