Enjoy Clean, Fresh Air

Enjoy Clean, Fresh Air

Learn about electronic air cleaners in Killeen, TX

Are you constantly sneezing or dealing with itchy, watery eyes? Your air quality could be the culprit. If you live in Killeen, TX, you can turn to Kane Heating & Air Conditioning. We can install air purification systems, such as electronic air cleaners and REME HALO lights, to help you breathe easier.

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Choose the right air purification solution

When it comes to choosing an air purification solution, you have quite a few options. The most popular are:

  • REME HALO lights: This integrates with your existing HVAC system and uses dual ionizers to reduce airborne particles, and killing up to 99% of the bacteria, viruses and mold in your entire home
  • Media filters: These filter up to 20 times better than standard one-inch filters and can last up to nine months
  • UV lighting: This helps your HVAC system last longer, reduces odors and prevents microbial growth inside the system by shining ultraviolet light onto the evaporator coil
  • Electronic air cleaners: These trap 99% of airborne mold and spore-sized particles, 98% of bacteria-sized particles, 94% of dust, 80% of tobacco smoke-sized particles and 80% of virus-sized particles.

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