Our team at Kane Heating And Air Conditioning provides a wide range of services for thermostats in Killeen, TX. Whether your current thermostat is old or you’re buying a new HVAC unit, consider upgrading to a new thermostat. There are many styles and types of devices for you to select from, which include a smart thermostat. Since your thermostat works by controlling the HVAC unit it connects to, it should always run well. If you notice that your home thermostat isn’t working, schedule repairs to resolve the problem immediately. Regular maintenance should also mitigate issues and help you extend the thermostat’s lifespan.

Reliable Thermostats in Killeen

There are many different types of thermostats you can buy for your home. Once you make a purchase, our team handles the installation for your new device. You might consider purchasing a new thermostat when you upgrade to a more feature-rich HVAC system. The four types of thermostats available to you include a programmable thermostat, smart thermostat, Wi-Fi thermostat, and non-programmable thermostat. Every type is a digital thermostat that displays information on a digital screen. The programmable, smart, and Wi-Fi thermostat varieties give you full control over the device and its settings.

Are you noticing that your thermostat is running constantly or is no longer changing your temperature? If so, you might need to request home thermostat repair services. Regardless of the type of thermostat you have, it’s possible for all these devices to malfunction. Our technicians at Kane Heating And Air Conditioning have the skills necessary to determine the source of the problem.