Kane Heating And Air Conditioning is the place to turn when you want a Wi-Fi thermostat in Temple, TX. We understand that your thermostat serves as the brains of your home’s HVAC system. Today, there are a variety of new smart thermostats that offer an instant and inexpensive way to upgrade your home’s HVAC. By installing a new digital thermostat, you’ll add a variety of modern features to your HVAC system. So, whether your existing thermostat no longer works or you’re looking for more flexible controls for your HVAC, we can help.

Wi-Fi Thermostat Experts in Temple

For a long time, HVAC thermostats were as simple as can be. You could set your desired temperature and HVAC mode, and that was about it. Then, programmable thermostats added the ability to set schedules to save you money through more precise temperature control.

Today, however, the average digital thermostat does much more than that. There are now thermostats that can learn your comfort patterns to create automated HVAC schedules for you. They can detect when you come and go from your home to avoid wasting energy when your home’s empty. You can even connect to them from a smartphone app while you’re out to control your home’s temperature and HVAC settings.